Part Six
Use HTML to Help People

© 2001 by Walt Howe
(last revised 6 February 2010)
Hypertext and hypermedia give you very powerful educational tools to help people who don't understand things on your pages without boring those who do. Write first for clarity and second for the more knowledgable viewers. Then review the vocabulary and technical concepts for things that some will not understand. Link to definitions and explanations where you see the need. There are a number of links in this article that do just that. For example, click on "Hypertext and hypermedia" at the top of this paragraph.

Another thing to consider is putting either a link to a message base or a reply form for feedback from readers. Their ideas and questions inevitably help you improve your pages. Much of the Internet Glossary here was developed from readers' comments and questions. No one knows better where your pages can benefit from improvement than your readers! See the next page.

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