Follow Up on Your Promotions

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(last revised May 2, 2000)
If your pages have lasting value, don't stop after promoting them once. Pages often disappear from search engines. If a spider doesn't find your page just once when it tries to revisit, the page is dropped. This can happen anytime the server is down for maintenance or the networks are very slow, for example. Revisit the search engines periodically to check your listings. If they have disappeared, put them back.

Anytime you update a page with new content, update your meta tags, and resubmit to the search engines again so that they will reflect the new content. The newest listings often get favored in the order they are displayed, other things being equal.

Look for opportunities in mailing lists, newsgroups, and message bases to answer questions with links to your pages. Be sure not to spend all your time in your own site. To draw people in from outside, you must have an outside presence, too.

Another Delphi member (AUTOJIM) has excellent advice to pass along about attracting new members to your Forum. Read AUTOJIM's advice in the Forum Operators Message Board.


What tips and tricks do you have for promoting your forums and web pages? What comments and questions do you have. Join the discussions in the Promotion & Marketing Topic here in the Publishing on the Web Forum or the ongoing discussion of ways to promote web pages in the Forum Hosts Forum.

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