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Our Internet Software Guide includes recommended graphics software, reviews, and sources for

Graphics Sources

The following sources include clip art and other graphics files provided for web use. Whatever source you use, read any accompanying files that address copyright or other restrictions.

Copyright Guidance

Any copyrighted material appearing on your web pages must be posted with the permission of the copyright holder. The absence of a copyright notice does not mean that a message or article or piece of artwork or a photograph is not copyrighted. All material less than 75 years old not specifically placed in the public domain by the copyright holder is copyrighted.Some uses of parts of copyrighted material are permitted as fair use in some circumstances, but the law is not well developed for such things as electronic publication. When in doubt, do not use copyrighted material, unless you have written permission or own the material yourself. Even if you are sure that the copyright holder would have no objection, ask anyway! For more on this, see the Copyright Guidance file and the links it points to.