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(last updated 23 April 2012)
U.S. Department of Justice
Americans with Disabilities Act: ADA HOME PAGE

Section 508 Web Accessibility Checklist
508 Standards

Checklists and Guides
Resource Guide for the Blind
Checklist of Checkpoints for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0
W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)
WebAIM: The Web Accessibility "How-To" Site
Research Based Web Design and Usability Guidelines
American Foundation for the Blind

Software, Hardware, and Providers
Adaptive Technology at Perkins School
Ai Squared

Web Accessibility, Web Standards and Regulatory Compliance by Jim Thatcher et al, Apress 2006. The best book on the subject.

Web Page Testers
W3C HTML Validation Service. A service from the HTML standards organization.

PowerPoint Presentation
PowerPoint Presentation on Web Design for the Visually Impaired, given at the Special Libraries Annual Conference in San Antonio, June, 2001. It is a little dated now, but still a good basis for understanding the problem. It is too bad that it is not a lot more dated, but not enough has changed since it was given.

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