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Book Cover: Photoshop 4 Artistry:A Master Class for Photographers, Artists, Production Artists
Photoshop 4 Artistry:
A Master
Class for Photographers, Artists, Production Artists

The strength of this advanced book is the many examples and illustrations it gives of using Photoshop's tools. The examples show how to approach editing and improving a picture. As such, it is much more valuable than a text explanation of how to use the tools. For both Windows 95 and Macintosh versions of Photoshop. Sale price: $44

Book Cover: PhotoShop in a Nutshell Photoshop in a Nutshell.

A new book from O'Reilly by Donnie O'Quinn & Matt LeClair. This detailed reference defines and describes every tool, command, palette, and sub-menu of Photoshop 4 to help users understand design options, make informed choices, and reduce time spent learning by trial-and-error. It is a bargain to help you get the most out of the complex program. My wife and I bought two copies, rather than fight over it. Sale price: $15.96
Book Cover: Internet Audio Sourcebook
Internet Audio Sourcebook

This book by Lee Purcell and Jordan Hemphill from John Wiley & Sons is a fairly complete guide to putting audio in your web pages, including sound recording and editing, music, speech, conferencing, and telphony. It includes HTML approaches and provides Java and JavaScript alternatives. It is the best book of its kind. Sale price: $35.99

Book cover: <coloring web graphics>
<coloring web graphics>

Lynda Weinman's definitive book on using browser-safe colors in web graphics and text. Learn how to select non-dithering color combinations that will work on different platforms and browsers. It includes tutorials for Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Photo-Paint, and other common graphics programs. It also includes a Mac and PC compatible CD ROM with color tables, color groupings, browser-safe clip art, and sample pages. This is the best book written on using color on the web. Sale price: $40


Web Design in an Nutshell Web Design in a Nutshell

This O'Reilly Nutshell series book by Jennifer Niederst is up to date on the many new challenges facing web designers, including HTML 4.0, Dynamic HTML and Cascading Style Sheets, and the coming XML. Like all Nutshell books, it is easy to find what you need quickly, and it has invaluable compatibility charts when you need to know what works with what browsers. Sale price: $15.96

Book Cover: HTML: the Definitive Guide
HTML: the Definitive Guide

This book by Musciano & Kennedy is one of O'Reilly's Nutshell series. Like most Nutshell books, it is complete, easy to find information in, and easy to understand. If you have the first or second edition, it is worth updating to Version 3 for its coverage of newer features like style sheets and the newest browsers. I keep a well-worn copy near my desk at all times. Sale price: $26.36

Book cover: Creating Killer Websites.
Creating Killer Websites,
the Art of Third Generation Site Design

This superb book by David Siegel concentrates on the fundamentals of good design, not just the HTML code to generate web pages. This is a must book for the serious web site designer. Sale Price: $39.99
Book Cover: XML: a Primer
XML: a Primer

by Simon St. Laurent,
IDG Books

The most up to date and best written book on the new XML technology that will replace HTML. Sale price: $19.99

Book Cover: Web Navigation
Web Navigation: Designing the User Experience

This book by Jennifer Fleming from O'Reilly looks at design and navigation strategies from the standpoints of the subject, purpose, and intended audience. It looks at entertainment, shopping, learning, information, and community sites. It comes with a CD-ROM with software demos and a netography of related web resources. Sale price: $27.96
Book Cover: Creative HTML Design
Creative HTML Design

This book by Linda Weinman and her brother William for New Riders goes well beyond her earlier books on designing and developing web graphics. This one deals with the added subjects of selecting a web provider, planning, organizing, and designing a web site, and developing the HTML and graphics to carry it out. is a tutorial with exercises to check your learning, and step-by-step instructions for using PhotoShop and Paint Shop Pro in web design. Sale price: $31.99

Book Cover: HTML for the World Wide Web HTML for the World Wide Web

This PeachPit Press book by Elizabeth Castro is small, inexpensive, and very easy to follow. It proves that a book that is both useful for learning and as a follow-on reference does not need to be large to be effective. It uses well-designed illustrations throughout. Sale price: $14.36


Book Cover: JavaScript for the World Wide Web JavaScript for the World Wide Web

This PeachPit Press Visual QuickStart Guide book by Tom Negrino is small, inexpensive, and very easy to follow. It is very readable and gets you writing or adapting scripts right away without learning all the ins and outs of the language structure first. Sale price: $14.36

Book Cover: Designing with JavaScript Designing with JavaScript, Creating Dynamic Web Pages

This O'Reilly & Associates book by young Nick Heinie, like the PeachPit book, starts you writing scripts right away. It is a bit more comprehensive than the PeachPit book and well written. Sale price: $23.96



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