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Internet Vocabulary Quiz
Number Two

How is your Internet vocabulary? Do you know what these terms mean? Click on your answer for each question.
  1. What is a cookie?
    1. A chinese fortune teller.
    2. A hidden joke built into software.
    3. Something like a cracker, only sweeter..
    4. An information file placed on your computer by a web page.

  2. What is a cracker?
    1. One who does the Internet equivalent of breaking and entering.
    2. A cookie without the sugar.
    3. An explosive packet.
    4. A codebreaker.

  3. Metadata is
    1. information about information.
    2. a database of Metallica recordings.
    3. a large, Internet searchable database.
    4. another name for the Table of the Elements.

  4. MIME is
    1. A type of MUD, like a MUSH, a MUSE, or a MOO.
    2. Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions.
    3. a white-faced speechless comic.
    4. Mini Intranet Mega Extranet

  5. DNS is
    1. Delphi Newsgroup Server
    2. Digital Nervous System
    3. Domain Name System
    4. Data Naming Standard

  6. An urban legend is
    1. Godzilla
    2. King Kong
    3. Miracle on 42nd Street
    4. a tall story spread around the Internet.

  7. Hex is
    1. a curse.
    2. a six-sided figure.
    3. a base-16 number system.
    4. short for hypertext extensions.

  8. An applet is
    1. a small apartment.
    2. a short Java program.
    3. an Apple handheld computer.
    4. a badge of rank worn on the shoulder.

  9. A pixel is
    1. a kind of sprite.
    2. a small picture.
    3. a dot on the screen.
    4. a thumbnail graphic.

  10. POTS is
    1. Post Office Telecommunications Service
    2. Packet Off Transmission State
    3. Plain Old Telephone Service
    4. Point Of Transit Switch

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