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An Internet Vocabulary Quiz

How is your Internet vocabulary? Do you know what these terms mean? Click on your answer for each question.
  1. What does dithering mean?
    1. An adjective oftened used with "idiot".
    2. Meeting with Dagwood Bumstead's boss.
    3. Creating a new color by mixing dots of other colors.
    4. Pretending you know the right answer to this question.

  2. While you are in chat, someone enters and types "a/s/l?". This means:
    1. A slow line?
    2. Any space left?
    3. Adult sexy language?
    4. A rude request for personal information.

  3. Telnet is
    1. a telephone network.
    2. a type of remote login.
    3. an old name for Sprintnet.
    4. a mail order computer store.

  4. FTP stands for
    1. free ticket pass
    2. full time packets
    3. free the penguins
    4. file transfer protocol

  5. HTML is short for
    1. HoTMetaL
    2. How To Make Links
    3. Happy Time Motor Lodge
    4. Hyper Text Markup Language

  6. PING is
    1. A packet bounced off a remote site.
    2. a way to check connections.
    3. Packet InterNet Groper.
    4. All of the above.

  7. A gopher is
    1. a text-based menu system.
    2. a University of Montana mascot.
    3. an old Internet protocol used in the 1950's.
    4. a search engine robot like a spider or crawler.

  8. Unix is
    1. a way of saying no to a computer.
    2. a man with a severe vasectomy.
    3. the founder of the Internet.
    4. an operating system.

  9. Ethernet is
    1. anesthesia tubing
    2. a very boring web site
    3. a common type of LAN
    4. the original name for the Internet.

  10. URL is
    1. Uniform Resource Locator
    2. Universal Routing Link
    3. Useless Reference Line
    4. United Radio League

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