Resources for Internet Training

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(last updated April 4, 2001)

On this page we've included pointers to training materials, useful for both trainers and trainees.
  • View Training with HTML, an introduction to one approach to developing training for the web.

  • A pair of light-hearted online Just-for-Fun Quizzes on Internet and web terminology. You get immediate confirmation or correction when you answer. Try them. They are irreverant and funny, but also a good model for online testing. See Quiz 1 and Quiz 2
  • Learning HTML. A series of lessons on backed by a message board to try out HTML and get feedback from the experts.

  • Char's HTML and Web Publishing Tutorials. Like the one above, but much more extensive and also backed by message boards and experts.

  • WebMonkey, the Web Developers Resource. Includes many good tutorials and development aids.

  • View Hands On the Internet, a basic Internet training course for librarians presented as a workshop at the Special Libraries Association June 1995 convention. This has been updated somewhat, but it is pretty dated now. It is most useful as a model for a workshop.

  • View Expert Searching, based on presentations at Internet World 96 in Toronto, Computers in Libraries 96 in Washington, DC, at Individual, Inc., April '96 and at Internet Librarian, November 1998. This file makes a good starting point for using different search engines, too.

  • View Creating a Home Page Workshop, that my wife Hope Tillman and I presented at Internet World, Toronto, January 1996 and Computers in Libraries in Arlington, VA, March 1996.

  • View Tips and Tricks for Searching the Net, a presentation and workshop Hope and I presented at "Computers in Libraries, March 1998." This was presented in Powerpoint, but converted to HTML for display online.

  • NETTRAIN is a discussion list for Internet trainers. It is available as both an email discussion list (listserv) and as a newsgroup. To subscribe to the NETTRAIN listserv, address email to:
    Leave the subject blank and send the one line command:
    subscribe nettrain FirstName LastName
    Make sure you do not add a signature block to the message. Erase it, if necessary.

    Or select the NETTRAIN newsgroup. Your browser and provider must support newsgroups to use this option.

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