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(last updated 9 April 2001)

This page is a handy reference to anyone who subscribes to email discussion lists. Return here whenever you have a question about what lists are available, how to subscribe or unsubscribe, or how to search the archives of lists.

There is no single complete list of all the discussion groups available. Here are some of the best sources to find lists in your subjects of interest. Use them all, if you need to.

Liszt. Searches thousands of mailing lists. As large as Liszt is, it does not include Mailbase lists from the UK or a lot of mailserv lists. Try it below: This site searches listservs only, but it provides very thorough information about the mailing lists it includes. It gives very good information on newsgroups, too

PAML. Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists maintained by Stephanie DaSilva.

The Kovacs List. Directory of Scholarly Electronic Conferences

Lists available as newsgroups. You have your choice of reading these in email or as newsgroups.

For help in subscribing to, unsubscribing, and searching lists, select this link: SUBSCRIBING, UNSUBSCRIBING, and SEARCHING lists

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