Welcome to the Navigating the Net Forum!

The Navigating the Nets Forum is to surfing the Internet and the World Wide Web as a ski lodge is to skiers. When you have had enough of the vast chaos of the nets, come here to join the community of net and Web explorers. The contact with people with similar interests is the most rewarding thing about the nets!

If you are new to the nets, this is one of the best places to learn what it's all about and how to find your way around the Internet and the World Wide Web. There is lots of help here from our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) files, our Search Guide, our Internet Software Guide, our choice selection of Hot Links and from fellow net surfers in the Navigating the Nets Message Forum. We will also schedule chat sessions from time to time, and you can always drop into Chat yourself for an informal session when others are around.

If you are a veteran net surfer, you will find this a rewarding place, too. It is a good place to share your experiences and interests with other experienced people. We encourage you to help the newcomers with their questions and make them feel part of the community, too. In the Message Forum, if you wish, you can select which topics to follow, or you can read and participate in all of them.

Walt Howe is your Forum Host, and he is a long term net veteran, and a frequent author and speaker on the Internet. He is assisted by the irrepressable Gunter Eisenstadt, and many other veterans who lend a hand here. Walt estimates he has helped a half million people get started on the nets. If you get help here as you learn to get around the nets, Walt just asks that you return the help by helping others who are just getting started.

Message Board Policies. You are welcome to ask or answer questions in the Forum. You don't have to be serious all the time, either. We appreciate a good joke, and we enjoy the interesting people who join in. We also welcome brief, informative new product or service announcements as long as they are related to the purposes of the Forum and do not try a hard sell. Obvious ads or off topic postings will be promptly deleted. When in doubt, ask us first.

Good net surfing!

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