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The Internet Learning Center is my effort to provide a place to learn about the web and the Internet and to provide resources for both learners and trainers. It will continue to grow and add new resources. Your comments are welcome. Send them to Walt Howe.

Here is a key to the different sections of the Internet Learning Center:

  • About the Internet Learning Center. You are here now.

  • The Internet Learning Tree. This is a set of Frequently Asked Questions and answers that makes it easy for beginners to learn to use the Internet and the WWW. Each basic question branches to another set of questions and answer.

  • Internet History. What led to the creation of the Internet and web as it is today? What made it happen? Read about the people and the influences that led to this gigantic resource.

  • Internet & Web Glossary. Do you keep running into unfamiliar terms on the nets. Look them up here.

  • Navigating the Net. This is a set of pages to help you learn to navigate the Internet and the World Wide Web effectively and safely and to learn to search the nets successfully and sort the quality from the ordinary. It also includes a message board and chat rooms where you can ask questions and share ideas with others.

  • Publishing on the Web. This set of pages provides you many aids to creating and publishing your own web pages. It links to resources for learning and using HTML, guides to software to use, help in creating, modifying, and using graphics, help in using audio with your pages, help in good page design, and lots more. Like Navigating the Net, it is backed by chat rooms and a message board for asking questions and sharing with others.

  • Walt's Home Page. Meet the author and his family and his interests.

    Search. Use the Search to find pages on this site that meet your interests.

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